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Recycle Leaders LLC is a social enterprise that gets everyone recycling by developing responsible staff and volunteers into effective recycling leaders.

Our Services:

Recycle LeadersTM Consultation

Get practical next steps toward recycling success! This consultation is a concise analysis of a recycling program with specific recommendations for next steps according to the “5 Steps to Recycle Right” framework. The recommendations are based on a facility walk-through and intake interview with a facility manager.

Recycle LeadersTM Training for Cleaning Professionals

Prepare cleaning staff to execute a high performing recycling program! This 8 hour recycling leadership training course addresses legal and LEED requirements and is designed to count toward Green Seal’s GS-42 standard’s requirement for continuing education.

Recycle LeadersTM Workshop for Managers

Prepare managers and teams to get started on a recycling action plan! Each 2-hour interactive recycling leadership workshop builds the capacity of facility managers and teams to develop a recycling action plan or to tackle a new challenge such as food waste recycling, special events, or design and construction.

Mini Seminar

Engage target audiences to take action! Mini seminars are 15-20 minute recycling presentations tailored to the needs of a particular recycling program and audience.

Custom Consulting

Addresses your specific needs! Custom consulting is tailored to the needs of a particular recycling or zero waste program.




Recycle LeadersTM Consultation


Recycling LeadersTM Training for Cleaning Professionals


Recycle LeadersTM Workshop for Managers


Mini Seminar


Custom Consulting


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