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About Recycle Leaders LLC

Recycle Leaders LLC is a social enterprise that gets everyone recycling by developing responsible staff and volunteers into effective recycling leaders.

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Are you are a business manager looking to save money and comply with recycling regulations? A cleaning professional tasked with recycling in a LEED green building? A volunteer trying to go “zero waste” at your school, workplace, or special event?

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Our Services

We customize our consulting, training, and peer coaching services to meet your needs. We can get you started with a basic “5 Steps to Recycle Right” training, or work with you to develop the metrics you need to achieve an ambitious zero waste target. We tackle recycling challenges related to daily operations, special events, and building design. We offer specialized training for cleaning professionals and high school students.

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Our Story

Recycle Leaders, LLC was inspired by working with hundreds of custodians, teachers, students, parents, and community partners trying to get everyone recycling in schools across all 8 wards of Washington DC.

We learned that recycling success is highly dependent on effective leadership by responsible individuals, especially cleaning professionals. Recycling is easy! Leading change is hard. Leadership effectiveness is not at all determined by socio-economic factors. Rather, responsible staff and volunteers become effective leaders when they receive ongoing support in developing both recycling expertise and leadership experience.

We believe that with the right support, anyone can become an effective recycling leader!

Beth Gingold, Founder, Recycle Leaders, LLC has catalyzed recycling efforts in more than 100 traditional public schools and 30 public charter schools in Washington DC. She brings more than 10 years of experience and enthusiasm to tackling recycling challenges related to daily operations, special events, and building design. She is a LEED Green Associate and TRUE Zero Waste Advisor. She holds a Master of Environmental Studies from the University of Pennsylvania.

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